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Nobody can drive more revenue to your vacation rental property like TeemingVR. We are “teeming” with activity and handle over 100,000 inquiries a year. Since our inception in spring of 2013, we have done over $8.1 million in sales. Tap into the collective advertising power of our network and gain the market-busting visibility that will attract qualified guests.

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We have a 5 property approach that makes us (and you) successful in our partnership.

More Condo Marketing and Revenue? We make it Easy!

Here is a simple summary of our philosophy. (Be sure to read the About Us page to learn our history.) We always welcome an email or phone call 727.565.4686.

Marketing is the basis of any sales organization’s success. You can do everything else right, but if you have no customers it won’t work. We strategically market on sites like VRBO, HomeAway, and TripAdvisor; generating 100,000 leads in the past year. We have an automated, intuitive email response system, as well as email marketing programs. All of this translates into an incredible amount of exposure for each property in our network.

Availability is the key so that once those prospects get to you, you actually answer the phone! Our latest findings are that the highest volume of travel reserved online is between 8-9 pm. Those guests have questions and guess what – we are here to answer them all hours of the day and evening.

Property Care There are 2 things that must happen when a guest arrives at your rental property: 1. It must be clean. 2. Everything must function properly. These 2 factors greatly determine their satisfaction. These are just a couple of things to meet guest expectations. Click here for a FREE copy of our Owner’s Guide: Practical Ways to Maximize Your Vacation Rental Revenue and click to download our redecorating publication Revive Your Property, Recharge Your Revenue.

Account Services keep you informed as to what is going on with your condo and account. We have 24 hour owner login to block out personal time; as well as view reservations, statements, and payment history.

Technology makes all the above work. We have built software that automatically replies to all inquiry emails within a few seconds of its arrival and offers other rentals if the one they inquired about is already reserved.

Here are a few of our implemented strategies…

  • Strategic placement of online ads with, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, and other ad sites
  • We handle over 100,000 inquiries on average a year
  • We don’t “ding” you for credit card fees. No matter how guests pay- our commission is 21%.
  • Guests pay cleaning and tax over and above their rental fees
  • Responses to inquiries (within 5 seconds)
  • We offer a rental guaranteed revenue program as an option
  • We have a sophisticated pricing model along with Yield Management of rates
  • Email marketing programs

Here are some points summarizing what we do…

And one more thing. Since you have gotten this far, you hopefully like what you see….
Ease of Change We have found many property owners worry about changing to a new management company. At TeemingVR, we make the transition seamless and simple for clients joining us from other companies. Existing reservations are honored so no income is lost. The change is easy and quick!

We are very open with our fees and agreement as you can see from above. To review our agreement just drop us an email and we will send it out to you.

If you would like to hear what some of our owners have commented about our services, we will gladly share these with you upon request. Here is one such owner’s comments….

To say we are happy with TeemingVR is putting it mildly. They have been such a blessing to us. They are a comprehensive company that caters to all property management needs. Jeff & Gina helped us fully renovate and decorate our condo rental and told us what amenities to get to help attract guests (such as kayaks, bikes and paddleboards). They have also done a fantastic job of keeping our unit rented throughout the year, allowing us to maximize the profit on our investment. They have perfected this process of managing rentals while balancing it with great customer service and attentiveness to all that they deal with. We highly recommend TeemingVR for all your property management needs. Ray & Mary Muller, SeaShell 20

We do offer rental and association management services for entire complexes. Have your Board President contact us if they have any interest.

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