Lost or Left Items Notification & Shipping Request

Please fill out this form in order for us to better serve you with the lost or left items.

Please do not continue to contact us rather we will contact you if we locate your item. We will contact you for item verification before proceeding with shipping. You will be responsible for paying all shipping charges (minimum $14.99) plus a $25 handling fee (consider that sometimes it costs more to return your property than it is actually worth). Your Credit Card will be charged for the shipping and handling expenses for the return of the left item.

If notified your item has been found, you will need to log on our site at the Guest Login and Pre-Pay your Shipping & Handling charges prior to us shipping your item(s).

Note: Prescription Drugs do not qualify for our shipping services (i.e. mailing of prescription drugs is only allowed by entities that are registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration). These items must be picked up in person by the Authorized Prescription Holder within 30 Days.

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